Understand the Differences Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Cars

As you shop for your next car, refer to this blog. Its posts can boost your automotive knowledge and help you choose the right car for you. Today, we cover front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive systems.

Drive systems to motivate cars. The front-wheel-drive does so by transmitting power from a car's engine to its front wheels. Alternatively, rear-wheel drive employs the car's rear wheels. Due to their setups, front-wheel drive systems pull cars, and rear-wheel drive systems push cars. Thus, FWD cars feature outstanding traction, and RWD cars offer wonderful dry-road handling. In FWD cars, you will typically find lower price tags compared to similar RWD models. Still, RWD cars tend to need fewer drive-system repairs than their FWD counterparts.

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