Staying Safe in the New Hyundai Kona

When searching for a new car, drivers usually place vehicle safety pretty close to the top of their priority list. As a result, the staff here at Davis Hyundai quite often points our customers toward the new Hyundai Kona. As well as being practical and reliable, this small and popular SUV is packed full of safety features to keep the whole family protected on the road.

Drivers are likely to be especially impressed by the Kona's Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system. This feature scans the road ahead to watch for any imminent danger. In the event that it spots an upcoming collision, it can automatically apply the brakes to reduce or avoid any impacts.

The new Kona also offers drivers assistance with staying in their lane on the highway. Its Lane Keeping Assist feature helps to prevent drivers from accidentally straying into a different lane by automatically steering the vehicle back to its correct position.



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