Hyundai Santa Fe Combines Bold Engineering with Technological Innovation

The bold engineering and eclectic design of the Hyundai Santa Fe are just a few of the reasons this popular crossover SUV continues to lead the pack in innovation. Come step inside this venerable vehicle and see for yourself why it is turning heads on roads everywhere.

Hyundai understands the importance of technological innovation. This is why the 2019 Santa Fe is loaded with the patented AVN 5.0 navigation system partnered with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity. The available Qi wireless charging pad will ensure that you are always connected on the road of life without ever having to mess with the hassle of cords.

The heads-up display ensures that you can keep your eyes safely on the road in front of you as it projects all of the pertinent driving data directly on to the windshield. The 8.5-inch virtual image delivers everything that you need for a safe drive.



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