Winterize Your Car

Preparing for winter is important for everyone who drives in the elements. We at Davis Hyundai want to make sure that everyone driving is ready for the weather this year. Prepare early and set aside enough time to get everything in order before any looming winter storms.

A winter emergency kit is a great way to feel prepared when you have to drive in bad weather. Include gloves, a shovel, boots, snacks, and a blanket for snowy days or tire changes. It's also nice to have extra water, fluids, a flashlight and a battery charger in your vehicle.

Have your tires, brakes, filters, and battery inspected to make sure they are ready for colder weather. You might need to change your antifreeze or oil before colder weather hits. You should also monitor your tire pressure and read your owner's manual for your vehicle to get ready for any upcoming service checks for your vehicle.



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