The Type of Vehicle That You Have Will Determine the Type of Spare Tire That You Have

Different vehicle types are equipped with different types of spare tires. The most common of these are full-size spares and compact temporary (or "doughnut") spares. Full-size spares are typically found in larger vehicles like trucks and SUV's while compact temporary spare tires are most often seen in lighter passenger cars.

A full-size spare will be exactly the same as the other 4 tires that are running on your vehicle. So, in the event that you do have to change your tire there is then no hurry to get to the tire shop to repair the flat. You can drive for as long as you like on this type of spare.

A compact temporary limits your range and the speed at which it is safe to travel. Typically it is recommended to travel no more than 50 miles on a tire such as this, and the reality is that once you have to put on one of these spares your next stop should really be the tire shop because they are far less dependable than a regular tire and are not designed for extended use.

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