There are many reasons the Hyundai Santa Fe is a popular crossover SUV among consumers. Our team at Davis Hyundai recommends this model because it comes with a broad range of features, such as innovative safety features that enhance protection. Read below to learn about a few of the Santa Fe's safety features.

The Santa Fe comes with the Safe Exit Assist System as a standard safety feature. This feature uses the Safe Exit Assist radar to detect for approaching vehicles from the rear. If a vehicle is detected when a passenger is opening the door, a visual and audible warning will alert your passengers of the approaching car.

Rear Occupant Alert is another safety feature that comes with the Santa Fe. This feature helps you keep an eye on precious cargo in the rear. It detects for children and passengers in the back seat, and it will send you a reminder to check the back before you exit the vehicle. If movement is detected after you have left the Santa Fe, the horn will sound, and you will be given an alert on your smartphone with the Blue Link Connected car system.



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