How to Make a Winter Survival Kit

Winter is here, and we at Davis Hyundai want to ensure that winter driving emergency preparation is at the top of the list for everyone in our family of customers. Knowing what to have in your winter car emergency kit can make wintertime driving less stressful.

The two most useful items for your winter car kit are a bag of cat litter and a good snow shovel. These two items alone can provide a quick solution to what otherwise could be a long wait for assistance. Your winter vehicle kit should include a blanket, a pair of gloves, a hat, a pair of socks, and a pair of winter boots for each person likely to be in your car. You should also have nonperishable food and individual bottles of drinking water.

After your vehicles are stocked and ready for anything winter throws your way, stop by our showroom for a test drive. We’re always glad to see you.


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